Former Kaizer Chiefs defender battles Bank Repossession.

 Former Kaizer Chiefs defender battles Bank Repossession.

Eric Mathoho Battles Bank Repossession?

Eric Mathoho was a household name during his more than 10 years at Kaizer Chiefs.

However, since his departure from the club at the end of the last season, his life has taken an unexpected turn.

Recently, Mathoho found himself in a perilous situation as he faced the looming threat of losing his R4 million home in Fourways due to unpaid mortgage installments.

Eric Mathoho Property Predicament

The house in question was purchased from his ex-agent, Tim Sukazi.

However, it seems that Mathoho failed to complete the necessary change of ownership procedures.

As a result, he continued to make monthly payments to Sukazi despite no longer being officially listed as the owner of the property.

This oversight eventually led to financial complications that nearly cost Mathoho his home.

Sukazi’s Lifeline

In a surprising twist, Mathoho’s former agent, Tim Sukazi, emerged as his savior in this dire situation.

Sukazi stepped in to prevent the bank from repossessing the Fourways house by intervening and settling the outstanding installments.

This unexpected assistance from Sukazi undoubtedly spared Mathoho from the stress and uncertainty of losing his home.

A Clueless Transition

The predicament surrounding his house is not the only challenge Mathoho has faced since leaving Chiefs.

As he navigates life outside the club where he spent over a decade, Mathoho appears to be in a state of uncertainty.

He is currently clueless and looking to return to competitive football.

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