Foreign nationals in KZN urged not to operate on Sunday amid Operation Dudula launch

 Foreign nationals in KZN urged not to operate on Sunday amid Operation Dudula launch

Following the distribution of voice notes and messages threatening violence and criminality, KwaZulu-Natal police are on high alert to guarantee public safety.

Various voice notes and comments about plans to shut down foreign nationals’ enterprises in Durban have gone viral on social media networks.

Brigadier Jay Naicker, a spokesman for the provincial police, said officers and other law enforcement agencies were ready to respond to any event that could contribute to the breakdown of law and order.

“Police personnel will be strategically stationed to respond quickly and deal with individuals who act illegally,” Naicker continued.

Law enforcement agencies, he added, had noted that an event scheduled for Sunday at Gugu Dlamini Park had not been sanctioned by the eThekwini Municipality. He claimed the organizers had not acquired Parks and Recreation Department approval.

On Sunday, supporters of Operation Dudula, which targets foreign nationals, were expected to travel to Durban.

The organization was founded in Johannesburg and its inaugural meeting was scheduled for Sunday in Durban.

Foreign nationals were asked not to work on Sunday, according to the organizations.

According to one of the posters that circulated on various social media platforms, supporters planned to shut down all foreign-owned businesses in Durban’s city center.

Nhlanhla “Lux” Dlamini, the leader of Operation Dudula, was apprehended Thursday night and was being held at Johannesburg Central police station.

On Wednesday, the EFF charged Dlamini with breaking into Victor Ramerafe’s house in Soweto. Ramerafe was accused of selling drugs in the township by members of Operation Dudula.

“We are urging anyone who may be influenced by the deceptive voice notes to refrain from engaging in any behavior that may violate the country’s laws,” Naicker added.

He also encouraged people not to share phony voicemails and messages on social media.

“Police will not hesitate to take swift action against individuals who break the law,” he continued.

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