For Stealing Fruit (Mango) , A 13-Year-Old Boy Was Brutally Murdered

 For Stealing Fruit (Mango) , A 13-Year-Old Boy Was Brutally Murdered

For Stealing Fruit (Mango) , A 13-Year-Old Boy Was Brutally Murdered


Police in the Western Cape arrested a 56-year-old man for murder after discovering human remains on his property while searching for a missing 13-year-old boy.

Colonel André Traut, a spokesman for the Western Cape police, said the remains were discovered in a sewerage pipe on the premises.

The identity of the person whose remains were discovered is unknown. The boy is still missing, according to Traut, and the murder charge stems from the discovery of the human remains.

“On Thursday, a 56-year-old man was arrested in Klawer on a charge of kidnapping as a result of our investigation into the disappearance of a 13-year-old boy.

“According to reports, the missing boy was accused of stealing fruit from the man’s Second Avenue home on Wednesday and was pursued by him.” Since then, the boy has not been seen.

“On Friday afternoon, detectives were led to the man’s residence, where the human remains were discovered.

“The victim’s body has yet to be discovered, and it is too early to speculate on the identity of the remains discovered.”

According to Traut, police investigations are still ongoing, and forensic experts are examining the crime scene in the hopes of uncovering more leads.

“The charge was later changed to murder, and the suspect is scheduled to appear in court in Klawer on Monday,” Traut said.

In Klawer Police Station, the farmer ‘Danie Smit’ is being held.

“Around the police station and the man’s home, the community is enraged. If not handled properly, this can lead to significant racial tension “Billy Claasen, one of the residents, expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation.

He claimed that the boy’s mother went to the police station twice and was sent home without assistance.

The community had been searching for the boy since Wednesday, according to local ward councillor Jan Koopman.

“The man is refusing to speak to the police without his lawyer present,” Koopman said.

After stealing mangoes from him, a 13-year-old boy was chased down, hit by his car, hacked to pieces, and hidden in a drain.

Gayton McKenzie, the leader of the Patriotic Alliance, paid a visit to the victims’ family earlier today.

“I met the parents and took them to the police station to meet the detectives working on this case, where it was confirmed that an ear, kidney, and intestines were discovered in the drain at his house; he is now in custody; he murdered the child for a mango. This family will receive our support.”

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