Ex-Kaizer Chiefs player Defender retaliate against Kaizer Chiefs again.

 Ex-Kaizer Chiefs player Defender retaliate against Kaizer Chiefs again.

When questioned by the media about the Club, former Kaizer Chiefs defender Daniel Cardoso revealed some damning information.

He stated that he had not participated in a team-building activity at Chiefs in months but had done one at Sekhukhune United, which became a trend over the course of the weekend.

Many Kaizer Chiefs supporters have defended the team, saying the former defender is actually resentful because he hasn’t been able to keep the club out of his mouth since being released.

After being let go, he strikes them first. During an interview with Marawa, he made some derogatory remarks. Here are his exact words.

“The biggest problems at Kaizer Chiefs are that they like FREE AGENTS, they sign players from NFD, some players are just there for BIG SALARY and others arrive at training DRUNK.”

“I would play for Orlando Pirates if they came knocking. It would give me a chance to play in the Derby.”

“Losing the league in the last 20 mins of the season, made it to 4 cup finals and lost all of them, it’s a bitter pill to swallow”

“The old school Chiefs, a player coming in late or under the influence would be dealt with; told to leave. With us, we let things slide and things start building up.”

“Club owners need to step up and tell us about 6 months before they end our contract so we can also take the next steps to sort out our lives.”

“I spoke to Leo Castro and we had a brief chat and he told me he’s going to have to go back to Colombia because he hasn’t gotten anything. He needs a new team.”

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