Due To His ‘Awkward GBV Moment’ Pearl Thusi Can’t Support Zola 7

 Due To His ‘Awkward GBV Moment’ Pearl Thusi Can’t Support Zola 7

South Africa, Pearl Thusi.

Due To His ‘Awkward GBV Moment’ Pearl Thusi Can’t Support Zola 7.

#Pearl Thusi can’t support Zola 7 due to GBV.
South Africa, Pearl Thusi.
South Africa, Zola 7.


Pearl Thusi, a local media personality, has found herself in hot water again after responding to a tweet about kwaito star Bonginkosi “Zola 7” Dlamini’s well-being.

Nota Baloyi brought up the “Lwandle” star’s health earlier this month, claiming that “he’s not doing well nor looking good.” He has seven children!”

He isn’t feeling well, and he doesn’t appear to be in good health. He is the father of seven children.


Nota also said that Zola wasn’t taking care of his kids or himself.

“Their mothers are taking care of them. He can’t even take care of himself. Lance will take care of them as he always has!”


Nota’s statements were contradicted by Zola’s personal assistant Siki Kunene, who told TshisaLIVE that Zola is OK and that Nota’s comments were false.

“All those things he said are utter rubbish. He’s just trying to create hype over nothing. The truth is Bonginkosi is fine. He’s got epilepsy. He is taking chronic medication for it.”

Following the recent deaths of a number of local celebrities, Twitter users are concerned about the possibility of more entertainment luminaries passing away in such a short time.

Taking to Twitter, @RealMrumaDrive said: “If we can lose a legend like Zola 7 ryt now celebrities will all be acting up acting clever like they used to cook pap for him. No one is lifting him up now during difficult situation. The only person I saw last year lifting him up was Cass the rest are just clout chasers.” (sic)



The “Fistful of Vengeance” star responded to this tweet and said: “The awkward GBV moment kinda made things a bit tricky.”


Sibongile, the kwaito star’s ex-wife, had made abuse charges against him.

Pearl’s remark, on the other hand, sparked outrage among Twitter users, who defended DJ Euphonik, who has previously been accused of sexual assault and abuse.

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