Doctor Khumalo Reveals How He Nearly Joined Orlando Pirates

 Doctor Khumalo Reveals How He Nearly Joined Orlando Pirates

Doctor Khumalo Reveals How He Nearly Joined Orlando Pirates



“Some people have inquired as to why I did not perform in Europe. But I went to Aston Villa for trials, and we went to Italy to play Fiorentina. This isn’t my type of football, I realized. It was a skop and a donner situation. They swore at me when I did a Show Me Your Number. I returned home and informed the Chairman that the move was not for me.”

“I flew in from the United States to join the team for the Brazil game, and we were on the field the next day. It had been a long journey, and although I was tired, I was in good spirits. Let’s keep the ball and just dribble them, I told the guys. We were more skilled and could out-dribble them in the first half, and it worked.”

“In the second half, I noticed Zagallo had assigned Aldair to be my marker. The next thing I knew, I was being pursued by two players. I told the guys that I was going to move to the side. I didn’t touch the ball for 2 minutes, and then I noticed No 15 on the board. What the hell is going on here, I thought. The rest of the story is history.”

Clive Barker : “Doctor was one of the most talented actors I’ve ever worked with. I don’t even refer to him as Doc; I refer to him as my son. Because he was so good, I gave him a free role. I made the biggest blunder of my career by substituting him against Brazil. I’d like to apologize to the country for that even now.”

“I was almost signed by the Orlando Pirates, but thanks to Bobby and others, I ended up with the Chiefs. I had already been approached by pirates. However, the next day after school, I was informed that the Chiefs wanted to meet with me. When I arrived, the Chairman had already signed a contract with my father.”

“Shoes and Tsiki Tsiki were both excellent players in my opinion. I had a lot of fun with them. But, obviously, we did more in the National Team with Shoes, so I’ll pick him over the other “…… (Doc responding to a listener)

“One of the most talented actors I’ve ever worked with was Doctor. I don’t call him Doc; instead, I call him my son. I gave him a free role because of his talent. By substituting him against Brazil, I made the biggest error of my career. Even now, I’d like to express my regret to the country.”

“I don’t mind Themba Zwane claiming that he didn’t watch many of my games. That’s fine with me. Temba is a fantastic player, and our agents work together. I thought the days of Teenage Dladla and Botsotso were over, but he’s shown us otherwise. He doesn’t need to be coached, as you can see. I find it entertaining to watch him perform.”

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