DJ Euphonik wins case against Ntsiki Mazwai — with costs

 DJ Euphonik wins case against Ntsiki Mazwai — with costs

Ntsiki Mazwai Brought Rape Charges Against DJ Euphonik, But He Was Found Not Guilty.

DJ Euphonik has prevailed in his legal battle with poet Ntsiki Mazwai, including fees.

However, this is Ntsiki’s second setback, since she also lost against DJ fresh.

It all started when she called him a rapist on social media roughly two years ago, prompting Euphonik to file an interdict against Ntsiki in March of last year, prohibiting her from making any future defamatory statements against him on social media or in general.

However, on March 10, the high court in Johannesburg delivered a final decision in the case, implementing the interdict and ordering Ntsiki to pay the application’s costs.

Ntsiki was “no stranger to this type of action,” according to Judge Fisher, and “had already been prohibited from making similar public statements” in the case she lost to DJ Fresh.

DJ Fresh revealed that Ntsiki had to pay close to R200k in legal fees while speaking on MacG’s Podcast and Chill about the case.

“The arrogance carried on, so it went to court, and then she lost … with costs. And I think the costs were almost two-hundred grand. And it didn’t have to go there, this thing could have ended immediately,” Fresh said at the time

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