Connie Ferguson Reacted To The Prognosis That She Has Breast Cancer

 Connie Ferguson Reacted To The Prognosis That She Has Breast Cancer

Connie Ferguson Reacted To The Prognosis That She Has Breast Cancer



Connie Ferguson, a veteran actress and businesswoman, has had to deal with a lot in the last year, especially since she lost her partner and children’s father, Shona Ferguson. Six months later, his family and the country as a whole are still reeling from his death.

Tweeps are now enraged by what appears to be a prophetic warning from a man of God, claiming that Connie has ignored his previous warnings. That’s right, you read correctly.

Prophet Aaron Xhali took to Twitter to share a video of himself giving Connie a powerful warning. The Prophet is heard in his video mentioning Connie’s name and predicting that she already has cancer developing in her body.

He claims in it that he was conveying a divine message to the star. He also hinted that Shona Ferguson’s death was caused by Connie Ferguson’s failure to listen to the message.

“I’m sending a message and this is a warning from God. The first one was not taken seriously. I know you have lost your husband Connie Ferguson. This message was given ten months back to save the life of your loved one”. He claim

After that, the prophet – who is also known for his anti-vax messages – claimed to “see cancer developing” in Connie Ferguson.

“I have another message for you from Jesus. I see cancer in the left sides, inside your breasts…I’m seeing cancer developing. It’s still a very small molecule, but it is building up. That is why from time to time, you will feel a pain, under your ribs, under your left breast.

“Jesus is giving you a chance to escape that trap and to surrender to him.
I’ve done my job”. He concluded

Watch the video down below


Connie Ferguson’s Daughter Lesedi Reacts to the Message:

Some said the prophet should have shared his message with Connie Ferguson privately, while others accused the pastor of “clout-chasing” on the Fergusons’ suffering.

“He could have contacted Connie Ferguson.  A prophecy should be between the prophet & the recipient”

“As a prophet, you should know that the spiritual realm is not a platform to show off. .A gift of prophecy is not a token of making followers or popularity for yourself! As you know, God never embarrasses widows or orphans, he protects them”

“If you really had a word for her, why didn’t you confront her then advertise it to the public. You are using a celebrity to market yourself to the masses. May the judgement of God be upon you”


Not only that, but he goes on to say that his first warning was dismissed, leading many to wonder what he’s talking about. If you recall, a Twitter user claimed to have predicted Shona’s death and even warned Connie about it during his death.

Is this what the Prophet is implying? While that isn’t clear, it’s clear that this “warning” isn’t sitting well with Connie’s fans, who have gone so far as to shut him down, claiming that if it was truly a prophecy from God, he should have delivered it to Connie privately rather than making it public.


Others simply do not believe the Prophet is being truthful, believing instead that he is engaging in a clout-seeking stunt. This is especially true given that, as shown in the video, the message was delivered last year. So why would he return to his timeline and re-share it?

Connie’s tweeps are simply requesting that she be left alone because she has already been through so much. It’s unfortunate that her celebrity has prompted people to make prophecies about her, even if they aren’t always accurate.

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