Change of fortunes for beleaguered Midfielder at Kaizer Chiefs?

 Change of fortunes for beleaguered Midfielder at Kaizer Chiefs?

Kaizer Chiefs midfielder Kearyn Baccus’s contract coming to an end in few months time. Can Kaizer Chiefs extend his contract and keep him.

Baccus has had a terrible time at Kaizer Chiefs since the arrival of head coach Stuart Baxter.

Previously we reported that Kaizer Chiefs offered him a package to get him terminates his contract but the player turned them down and refused to leave the club.

Recently the player expressed his gratitude for getting game time, stating that he’s happy to help the club when he can. Here is what he said:

“At the moment, all I care about is getting some minutes in. When the boys require assistance, I am pleased to assist them. I’m here for the team, and all I want to do is help as much as I can, and I’m glad for the chance I’ve been given “He made the announcement through the Amakhosi media department.

His situation with the club might turn in his favour since the Amakhosi supporters are fighting for his stay at the club. Their desire is to see him continuing to don the Kaizer Chiefs jersey often.

Some of the Kaizer Chiefs supporters asked his agent Makaab to speak to Bobby Motaung about his stay because they don’t want him to leave, they value his stay and his importance to the club.

Here is what the Amakhosi faithful requested his agent to do and he agreed to it and also have the same view with them.


Mathiba Thabiso8 :” Ola @MikeMakaab, we as  Chiefs fans would like to keep Baccus.  We know that the British plumber has a different opinion. But he is here temporarily. Please have a chat with steak.”

The player’s agent replied back to Mathiba, by saying this:”  And we would like that….”

Then other Twitter kept on pouring for Baccus from Kaizer Chiefs fans.–r0IQ&s=19



It remains to be seen if Kaizer Chiefs will give him a chance and change their opinions regarding him. As his agent wants to try to convince them as the supporters requested him.

Kearyn Baccus’s future remains uncertain with the club.






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