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Cassper Nyovest Is in Big Trouble Due To Rapper Ricky Rick’s Death

Muziwendlovu Makhado and Cassper Nyovest

Cassper Nyovest Is in Big Trouble Due To Rapper Ricky Rick’s Death.


Riky Rick
Riky Rick. Picture Credit To Rock Khosa


Cassper Nyovest is in hot water following the death of rapper Riky Rick. Riky Rick committed suicide in the early hours of Wednesday, February 23. According to Sunday Word, the rapper hung himself with a rope after suffering from acute despair.

Beefing isn’t only a new concept in the rap scene. This is something that also occurs in South Africa. Cassper Nyovest is the King of Beefs, having feuded with Prince Kaybee, AKA Patrick Shai, DJ Speedsta, and Riky Rick.

Cassper Nyovest and Riky Rick were once good friends, but they were no longer conversing. Casper Nyovest released a song on the late Riky Rick in 2020.



Riky Rick used social media to address the issue once the song was published. He claimed that if Cassper had a problem, he could have just phoned him.

The rapper expressed sorry for his public and social media feud with Cassper.

“I don’t want to linger on it too much, but if there’s anything I could say that people would understand, it’s that I’m invested in the story, not that I want to see the car crash.” resulting in a collision


“It’s an f**k up cause I would love to be good, I would love for it to be okay and I’ve communicated that many times. I feel like for him to do that record where he said that it’s not about anyone or whatever, for him to do that record, he needed to do that record, I accept that.”

A Twitter user commented on how everyone who has a beef with Casper eventually dies or commits suicide. Patrick Shai, who similarly committed suicide by hanging himself after insulting Cassper Nyovest, was the subject of the comment. This was a dangerous tweet that might get the sender in serious trouble.

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