Bride Price Drama: Orlando Pirates Star’s Lobola Rejected.

 Bride Price Drama: Orlando Pirates Star’s Lobola Rejected.

Bride Price Drama: Orlando Pirates Star’s Lobola Rejected.

In a surprising turn of events, Orlando Pirates player Ndabayithethwa Ndlondlo found himself in an awkward situation as his future in-laws flatly refused to accept a lobola (bride price) offered by his delegation.

The rejected offer has raised eyebrows and sparked a heated debate within the community.

Orlando Pirates Star’s Lobola Plans And Bride’s Family Plans

According to Zimoja sources, Ndlondlo had entrusted his delegation with R20,000 for the lobola negotiations with his girlfriend and mother of his children, Kgaukgelo Gulame’s family.

However, things took an unexpected twist when the Gulame family insisted on a substantial R150,000 lobola payment for their daughter’s hand in marriage.

The rejection of the seemingly modest lobola offer left many baffled, given that Ndlondlo and Kgaukgelo have been in a committed relationship for years and share two children together.

Supporters of Ndlondlo argue that the Gulame family’s demand is excessive and unfair.

“Kgaukgelo and Ndlondlo have been together for many years, and I don’t understand why her family is being unfair towards him and is demanding such a ridiculous amount,” one source stated.

Another source close to the couple revealed that the initial R20,000 was intended as a deposit, symbolizing Ndlondlo’s commitment and seriousness about paying lobola for Kgaukgelo.

Ndlondlo’s Expectations 

It appears that Ndlondlo had hoped the final lobola amount would be around R40,000 at most, but the Gulame family’s demand caught him off guard.

Bad Relationship With His Family And Asking Friends To Negotiate On His Behalf

To further complicate matters, it was reported that Ndlondlo’s delegation consisted of friends and elderly neighbors, as he has a strained relationship with his own family.

This could have contributed to the high lobola demand, as it’s common for negotiations to involve a representative from the groom’s family.

Ndlondlo, who has faced personal challenges with family relationships, viewed Kgaukgelo’s family as his own and sought to make things official.

They hosted a traditional gathering at their home, predominantly attended by members of Kgaukgelo’s family, in an attempt to set a good example for their children and solidify their commitment to each other.

The rejection of the lobola offer has undoubtedly left Ndlondlo and Kgaukgelo disappointed, as they had been looking forward to taking this important step in their relationship.

As of now, both Ndlondlo and Kgaukgelo have chosen not to comment on the matter, leaving many curious about the future of their relationship and the ongoing lobola negotiations.

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