BREAKING |Mason Greenwood Prison Sentence Revealed

 BREAKING |Mason Greenwood Prison Sentence Revealed


Breaking News: Mason Greenwood Maximum Prison Sentence Term Has Been Explained By a UK Police Officer

The Tribuna reported that “IF Mason Greenwood is found guilty of rape, the maximum prison sentence is life imprisonment. A member of the United Kingdom police force, DorisThatcher explained what the future could hold for Mason Greenwood IF found guilty of ‘rape, assault and threats to kill’ his ex girlfriend.

Writing on Reddit, the officer explained: “Unlike the US, we don’t tend to do consecutive sentencing.

“So, IF Greenwood is found guilty of more than one of these offences, he will do time for them all at once and get out of prison once the longest sentence has been served.

On the other hand, “IF he’s found guilty of rape, the maximum sentence is life imprisonment.

Is Greenwood going to be jailed for life?
“The reality is that Mason Greenwood won’t receive this sentence due to his young age, first conviction, potential early guilty plea and other mitigating factors we don’t know about.

“What could aggravate it is the fact that he’s in the public eye, any other historic rapes that the victim reports to police, and his behaviour between now and when he’s sentenced.

“Unfortunately, rape is a very difficult offence to convict for, which is what causes the abysmally low conviction rates in this country.

“I’m not a betting man but I would suggest his defence will be ‘it was rough play, she consented’. The trial then becomes an attempt to prove she didn’t consent.”

How many years will Greenwood spend in jail if guilty?

The Manchester United forward Greenwood, has been released on bail but is not absolved of the charges. He has not been convicted or locked behind bars yet.

Are the police investigating Mason Greenwood?

Manchester United star footballer Mason Greenwood has been released on bail pending further investigation.

Has Mason Green been charged?

A statement said: “A 20-year-old man arrested on Sunday 30th January 2022) on suspicion of the rape and assault of a woman has been released on bail pending further investigation”.
Greenwood will continue to be investigated ahead of going into trial sometime later this year.

The BBC understands Manchester United footballer Mason Greenwood was further arrested on suspicion of sexual assault and making threats to kill.

The 20-year-old was arrested on suspicion of rape and assault on Harriet.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) said it had been granted more time to question him having previously been given an extension on Monday.

Manchester United have said Mason will not play for the club until further notice.

GMP said the player was arrested on Sunday after the force “became aware of online social media images and videos posted by a woman reporting incidents of physical violence”.

It said magistrates had granted a second extension to keep him in custody until Wednesday.

A force spokesman said inquiries were ongoing and a woman was being “offered specialist support”.

Mason Greenwood court case

Mason Greenwood prison sentence and rape allegation ramifications

What happened Greenwood footballer?

Man United star footballer Mason Greenwood had to spend a third night in jail after cops quizzed him on suspicion of new offences.

Top-notch Video game developer EA Sports said Mason Greenwood had been removed from FIFA products.

A statement said Greenwood had been removed from active squads in FIFA 22 and also suspended from appearing in FIFA Ultimate Team packs and Ultimate Draft.

Sportswear firm Nike it had suspended its relationship with the footballer.

“We are deeply concerned by the disturbing allegations and will continue to closely monitor the situation,” a spokesman said.

Greenwood, who made his debut for the club in March 2019, signed a four-year deal in February 2021 after rising through the ranks of the academy.

On Sunday Manchester United said the club “did not condone violence of any kind” and had been made aware of the allegations but would make no further comment until the “facts have been established”.

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