Bafana Bafana And Amiens Player Wants Out 

 Bafana Bafana And Amiens Player Wants Out 

Bafana Bafana And Amiens Player Wants Out

Several weeks after Amiens coach Philippe Hinschberger made claims that

Bongani Zungu was overweight, the player, speaking exclusively to Soccer Laduma, has hit back and made it clear that he wants to leave the French club!

“My family knows that I have no plans to stay here. I don’t want to be here – my time here is finished. This is a fact, and I am being honest. I can make my own decisions, it’s not up to people in the boardroom,” Zungu said.

The Bafana Bafana star has not played an official match since April during his loan spell at Rangers, where a permanent deal fell through after the Scottish Premier League champions could not agree a transfer fee with Amiens.

It’s been suggested a figure of around R44-million was required.

Zungu returned to France in August after being held back by visa logistics here in South Africa and then having to quarantine when he reported for club duty.

“I am working very hard, training with the first team and doing all I can to play. But I don’t decide who plays even though we are in a crisis, second from bottom in Ligue 2. We can’t win a game and I want to help, but there are too many things happening. My mind is made up,” the midfielder told the Siya crew.

He is fuming that Hinschberger is making him a scapegoat.

“I want to get out of Amiens, and right now I have a coach telling the media I am overweight. I don’t understand what he wants from me, maybe he is trying to save his job by saying bad things about me,” said an irate Zungu.

“I have asked him not to disrespect me. I want to play football and help, I think I am capable of that. But the coach is acting up, that’s fine and he’s apologised because I confronted him. It was disrespectful. In January I am going to be free, whatever happens.”

While expressing his admiration for the Amiens hierarchy, Zungu strongly believes they are holding his career back.

“I can confirm that I had offers, but the same situation that happened two or three years ago, happened. I love the Amiens Sporting Director, but there are things that happen in the boardroom that are just out of my control. There are so many clubs that tried to get me out of here, but they all felt I am too expensive for someone who still has a year left on his contract. It’s sad that my future is being decided in the boardroom. I have an agent that is doing his best to get me out of Amiens,” explained Zungu.


“I firmly believe that as players we should be in charge of our own paths, that’s why I have fired my previous agents. I am not going to go to the president’s office and start making demands, I have an agent for that. He told them to cancel my contract even before I came back to France. They refused. So they are fully aware that I don’t want to play in Ligue 2, but I don’t know if the president knows this. My agent is probably on the phone with them right now! I want to leave, in December I don’t want to still be here.”

Zungu’s contract expires on June 30, and according to FIFA laws he can sign a pre-contract with a club of his choice from January 1.

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