Arbitrator Nazeer Cassim Sc

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Kaizer Chiefs were unable to play their two December matches against Cape Town City and Golden Arrows.

Arbitrator Nazeer Cassim Sc Explain why things went in Chief’s Favour.

“It is my view that KC [Chiefs] was justified in not fielding teams for the fixtures on December 4 and December 8 2021. These two games must be replayed.

“There is much to be said that where possible games must be replayed in order to enable soccer to triumph and the best team on the day in question to be rewarded for its efforts.

“I am averse to the litigation process deciding the winner. It is better that the results of the match be determined in the field.”

Cassim did also note, in a second point, that: “I think had the officials of KC constructively engaged the officials of CTC [City] and GA [Arrows] timeously, the sensible consensus would have been to postpone the fixtures in order to protect the soccer players and in the public interest. The officials of KC were wanting in this regard in not timeously engaging their respective colleagues.”

In terms of costs, Cassim found that Chiefs “presented a case before the football manager and the exco that was not properly considered”.

“KC was at fault for not properly motivating its case before the football manger. It was at fault in not properly coming to grips with its own case and avoided answering pertinent questions raised by the league compliance officer, which proper responses would have assisted the parties coming to grips with the issue.

“KC must in the result be liable for the legal cost of the league … [and] must pay the wasted cost occasioned by City in attending at Johannesburg on December 4 … [and the] cost incurred by Arrows, if any.” Per TimesLive 

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