Andile Mpisane revealed he filled protection order against the mother of his Children Sithelo Shozi.

 Andile Mpisane revealed he filled protection order against the mother of his Children Sithelo Shozi.


Mzansi is buzzing from the DJ Sithelo Shozi drama with her baby daddy and Royal AM Chairman Andile Mpisane. Andile displayed a protection order he got against the mother of his two children Sithelo. His protection order clearly states he got it on the 17th of December 2021. It is the first time this protection order has come into the public light.

Andile’s protection order details the events that transpired when the parents broke up. Andile says he went to Sithelo’s flat only for Sithelo to react badly to the news of their separation. According to Andile Sithelo reacted very badly by breaking his phone screen with bottles and assaulting him.

What is written on the protection order?

Andile mentioned he broke up with Sithelo five months ago. The Makhwapheni singer said she went to his baby mama’s flat to retrieve some of his things from her possession. Andile says Sithelo continuously kicked and punched him. He also describes Sithelo as a person who is very much violent and aggressive towards him.

Andile Mpisane’s protection against Sithelo Shozi. Image: Twitter/Musa Khawula

‌Massive dates of more drama on the protection order On the 4th of December 2021, Andile says his baby mama was physically violent with him. He also mentioned how she called him a lot of names. On the 15th of the very same month, Andile was on his way to an event when Sithelo apparently did the unimaginable.

Andile says his baby mama of two followed him to the event and tried to physically and mentally abuse him. Sithelo publicly tarnished his name at the time by calling him belittling things. Andile says she called him a loser and said he is a useless person. On the final part of the protection order, Andile stated he wants Sithelo to stop harassing, stalking and tarnishing his name.

After this protection order became public the ANCWL showed Sithelo support. ANCWL is the African National Congress Women’s League and they posted an image saying they support Sithelo. Mind you Florence Mkhize the grandmother of Andile Mpisane was a part of the Women’s League. Not only did the division of the women’s league express their belief for her but so many people followed suit.

Suspicions the protection order is fairly new

Some tweeps and Mzansi social media users expressed how they suspect the protection order is actually new. Someone urged Mzansi to not forget how money can buy a protection order within 24 hrs

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