Amanda Du Pont Isn’t Afraid Of Jub Jub’s Mother Jackie

 Amanda Du Pont Isn’t Afraid Of Jub Jub’s Mother Jackie

Amanda Du Pont Isn’t Afraid Of Jub Jub’s Mother Jackie

Amanda Du Pont At Dubai
Dubai, United Arab Emeritus

Amanda has filed an affidavit in response to Jub Jub’s Mother Jackie’s court application in which she is interdicting her and Masechaba Ndlovu requesting them to remove social media posts about her and seeking written retraction. This is after Amanda went on public and accused Jub Jub of raping her and claiming that Jub Jub’s Mother Jackie uses muti. Masechaba also claimed Jub Jub raped her in his Mother’s house.

In a leaked affidavit tweeted by journalist Eusebius McKaiser, Du Pont has detailed years of alleged rape, abuse and even the use of muti by the former Uyajola 9/9 presenter.

On the use of muti by both Jub Jub and his mother, Amanda stated:

“I recall where the applicant [Mama Jackie] summoned Molemo to report immediately to Ithutheng Trust. I happened to be in the car when he drove there. After we arrived Molemo, the applicant and her right hand man Ronnie Nyakale were drinking various solutions, lighting candles and placed a powdery formula in hot water and covered themselves with blankets and steamed.”

Jub Jub allegedly used muti on her and in the house they shared. “My friend Lusanda Mgoduka found muti scattered around the house I shared with Molemo. In my car, Molemo used to hang a little teddy bear. Lusanda and I pulled it apart and found muthi in there too,” she continued.

In addition, Du Pont claimed her ex-lover also performed rituals in their home, which was discovered by the landlord of the house they rented. “He said the remains of a candle and snuff tub were found, as if a ritual was taking place. Molemo would tell me about these rituals that kept them strong as a family and meant no-one would defeat them.Whatever his mother instructed him to do in this regard, he would obey”.

On rape allegations, Amanda wrote: “I expressly told him how I was a virgin and wanted to remain a virgin until I was married. He said he accepted this, but later that year, at my home, he used physical force to overcome my resistance and he violently raped me while I cried. Among other physical and emotional abuse, Molemo raped me frequently over the next two years”.

On Jub Jub attempting to murder her:

“One day in 2008, Molemo attempted to murder me by pinning me to the bed and strangling me with his hands. I managed to kick him off and escape. I rushed to the Mondeor police station to report attempted murder and serial rape. The female officer on duty refused to take my statement, saying she was sick and tired of women opening cases against their husbands and boyfriends, only to change their minds and bail them out later. I tried to plead with her that my life was in danger but still she refused to take my statement.”

She added: “During that period, I twice attempted suicide. I had an abortion after I became pregnant as a result of a rape by Molemo”.

Amanda also revealed that long after she left Jub Jub and following his release from prison in 2017, Jubs made contact with her.

“He contacted me through an intermediary, saying he wanted to apologise for what he did to me. I met with him and asked him if he knew or acknowledged that he had raped me. He said yes. I asked why he raped me and all he could say was that he was so sorry”.

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