Alexandre Coppolani’s attorney responded to the accusations made against his client, the former Tp Mazembe.

 Alexandre Coppolani’s attorney responded to the accusations made against his client, the former Tp Mazembe.

Press release from Maître Alexis RUTMAN, lawyer for Mr Alexandre COPPOLANI


“Over the past few days, some media outlets and social networks have not hesitated to
publish a copy of a dismissal letter for gross negligence sent by the Club du TP Mazembe to Mr. COPPOLANI dated July 4, 2022.

Unfortunately, none of those who have relayed and, for some, commented on this letter have
took care to contact Mr. COPPOLANI directly to find out his version of the facts with regard to the grievances formulated in the said letter.

It is therefore necessary to establish the truth in the face of outrageous, defamatory or even
calumnious appearing in this letter now accessible to the general public.

Indeed, Mr. COPPOLANI, who scrupulously and extremely respected professionals, in terms of his employment contract with TP Mazembe, cannot let unanswered the serious and unacceptable accusations brought against him by his now ex-employer.

First of all, it is indisputable that Mr. COPPOLANI has indeed provided TP Mazembe,
taken in the person of Mr Frédéric KITENGIE, General Manager of the Club, the copy of his
International Diploma in Physical Preparation to the General Manager of TP Mazembe and has
never claimed to hold any diploma issued by the French Federation of Soccer.

This communication was also made in writing and twice (June 23, 2021 and
February 12, 2022).

Next, Mr. COPPOLANI denies with the greatest firmness having been, directly or indirectly
far, originally and/or associated with any attempt at corruption by Mr. Siadi BAGGIO, goalkeeper of TP Mazembe, in order to allow the victory of the Moroccan club of the
Sports Renaissance of Berkane.

This is a slanderous and perfectly unworthy accusation, especially from a Club
such as TP Mazembe. Moreover, Mr COPPOLANI is absolutely not near or far, the occasion of the departure of the player Zola at SC Chabab Mohammédia.

This player was perfectly free to join the Club of their choice from January 2022. Nor did Mr. COPPOLANI “decided to flee the country without the slightest permission”>.

He simply joined the National Selection A of Mali, by invitation sent to a representative of TP Mazembe, without raising the slightest opposition.

Moreover, if Mr. COPPOLANI had indeed fled the country, how to explain his return to TP Mazembe a few days later, at the end of his stay with the team National of Mali, to resume his post there, an initiative which is futile since, as was noted by a bailiff, Mr. COPPOLANI was denied access to the facilities of the

Finally, Mr. COPPOLANI has never put together the slightest “incredible dossier”, has
never listed any “series of preposterous grievances” against TP Mazembe and
my client obviously returned all the physical preparation equipment and its equipment at TP Mazembe without any difficulty.

Mr. COPPOLANI has not caused any prejudice, of any nature whatsoever, to the TP Mazembe, on the contrary and the sporting results of the Club during the past season prove it.

Conversely, through its serious and unacceptable actions, TP Mazembe is causing a serious moral, financial and professional prejudice to Mr. COPPOLANI, of which the latter intends naturally obtain full compensation.

For all these reasons, all appropriate legal actions will obviously be diligent, Mr. COPPOLANI being determined not only to be fulfilled with his rights on the contractual level following his brutal and perfectly unjustified eviction by the TP Mazembe, but also to obtain the condemnation of all those who, in any form
whatever, will have damaged his honor and his consideration.

Finally, Mr COPPOLANI thanks all those who have shown their support, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mali and elsewhere.”


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