African Girls Working As Rich Men’s Dogs In Dubai?

 African Girls Working As Rich Men’s Dogs In Dubai?

African Girls Working As Rich Men’s Dogs In Dubai.



Economic woes in the region continue to pounce on African women who are forced to flock to the middle east for greener pastures.

So much has been said about many of these ladies turning to the oldest profession in history to survive harsh conditions in those countries.

There are documented high-level dehumanizing acts these women partake in, specifically in the United Arab Emirates.

They are offered large sums of cash by wealthy men in exchange for unusual sexual services.

An Angolan rich man, Serge Cabonge who also used to partake in these activities. He sensationally claimed during an interview with MacG that he and some of his rich buddies used to defecate on women’s faces for fun in Dubai.

Retired Blesser Reveals He Used To Poo On Girls Faces For Fun

These are some of the weird sexual fantasies and BDSM sexual practices that rich men in Dubai can afford.

There are recent unverified videos that have turned heads on social media after users claimed they showed African girls working as rick men’s dogs in Dubai.

The media content has garnered so much attention that many believe it could be true.

A woman thought to be in her mid-twenties can be seen mimicking a dog.

She is dressed in some skimpy outfits resembling dog fur.

And can be heard barking like a dog.

Watch the video below


So strange

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