A hinted warning to Somizi from Prophet Aaron Xhali

 A hinted warning to Somizi from Prophet Aaron Xhali


Prophet Aaron Xhali, a well-known man of God, sent a message to Somizi in order to warn him about what was about to happen to him. From May 1, 2022, the man of God issued this warning.

This man of God said:” I’ve been praying for two weeks, asking God how do I put this one because the man does not live for God, he lives for the world.

“Somizi, I see someone dying in his midst, and all the blames go to him and he end up in prison, so My brother must be very careful.

” I’m sending a warning to Somizi, I’ve nothing to benefit from you. I’m just doing my job as a messenger from the really colt. Becareful I see someone dying in your midst and you’re to be blamed. Concluded The Man Of God Aaron Xhali.

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Jamie Bartlett, also known as “David Genaro,” died recently, and many people have begun to blame Somizi, claiming that “the deceased was last seen with him before his passing” and seeking answers as to what happened to “Jamie Bartlett.”

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